Astral Projection, Reincarnation, and Soul Purpose

By Andrea

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I have had people tell me that they do not dream, but this is not true because they simply just do not remember them. The same thing can happen when you astral travel. I do not always remember when it happens at the time, but later on something will remind me of the experience that occurred during the astral travel.

I have astral traveled while I have been asleep ever since I can remember, and mostly with people that I had not met yet in this life time and often would see later on in time somewhere after I had the experience, and upon seeing them they would get a look of surprise and run from me in discomfort.

My personal reasoning is that I have known the other souls them from past lives, and because my soul remembers them it is why this occurs. Because the souls remember each other from the previous incantations, we are able to connect during this time. The whole process has helped me remember things from my past lives and to reconnect and help reawaken the very source of consciousness that can not happen during our normal routines in our human daily lives. It is a validation that we have reincarnated here together.

It happens so that we can remember our soul purposes and reawaken what we have forgotten. It has given me the sense that part of this as a process was to wake me up and to remember who I am and why I came here.

Which I now know I am part of the soul group that is here to spread the word of love, healing and to help with teachings as a light worker to help others with the darkness that has become part of the human condition upon being here on this plane.

By Andrea

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