Angels, loved ones, and Eternity

By Andrea

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In my astral travels I receive help and guidance. Recently I had one where I was talking to another soul who was giving me a hard time about my Ankh that I wear, and questioning me about it in an unfriendly manner. I was getting annoyed and began to engage more than I should have. The angel pulled me out of the situation, as it was not necessary for me to continue on with this other soul.

Knowing I am well protected and guided during my visits with any soul opens up to any experiences that are possible, and that is vast. Angels are part of helping guide us during our soul journey and part of that is our astral travels.

During astral travel we can go anywhere and visit with anyone. I have visited with people I never met and did see them after, but they were not receptive because it scared them and they could not get away from me fast enough.

Some of the astral travels have brought back my past life memories. Including memories of ancient Egypt which explains my affinity to things from there. When I was a child I used to visit back when I was swept away by a tsunami and taken out into the deeper sea by it. Back when I had this happen it was not on TV and it was not something I had seen or even knew about it. I thought they were just dreams at that time.

As I have grown older I have lost more of my family and friends and they often visit me in my dreams which are filled with laughter and memories of what was and also of what can be. During the visits I am able to get back the connection that I can't see or feel on a daily basis with them not physically here. It is of great comfort and helps with an inner knowing that we are eternal and that everything is connected.

In astral travels anything is possible it is eternal, vast and deathless. Nothing is impossible, unlike in our 3 dimensional form. In soul form, in the 5 dimensional, we are not limited and are unencumbered by our bodies. Never having to worry about making it back into our shell though because of the ethereal cord that ties us back to ourselves.

By Andrea

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