Spirituality Today?

By Crystal

Often I've sat and pondered this very question, "what it means to be spiritual?" For me, personally I believe it means to have awareness, to simply be present in each moment. To be connected to one another and the understanding that we are all on a journey. Each of our paths are different and no two are alike, but a journey none the less. A belief that no one has more importance then the next but equal mounts of love and divine grace with in them. It just has to be awakened and shared with the world. Our journeys never truly end, we are constantly being given lessons and messages from the universe that are meant to guide us to our true selves. Yet were so busy with whats on T.V, what were doing over the weekend, latest fashions, etc... that we don't stop and listen to the signs from the universe. Guiding us to our true selves, giving us all the answers to all the questions we lay awake asking our selves every night.

I have been guilty of this on numerous of occasions, and at times find my self still guilty of it. But I don't get down on my self, (anymore, lol) I simply remind my self that have plenty to be thankful for and give my self credit for the steps i do make each day to be more present. To start the next day with an open mind and open heart, so that the universe may guide me back to my path in this life. Everyone gets lost from time to time, but its never too late to get back on track and continue on our journey. When ever I feel lost or confused about any situation in life, I sit and close my eyes and ask the universe for its help and guidance. Im always met with such an overwhelming feeling of love, and the awareness that all is going to be okay. It has worked for me because I'm still here and happy as I have ever been in life.

I don't have a lot of money, a big house, or fancy clothes. What I do have has so much more value to me then anything else in the world. (Second only to my children) The knowledge that no matter what happens in life, I have the power to ALWAYS change it. To not have to settle and become a person who believes they are only a result of their circumstances. But to create results, to shape my future and not be held down by restrictions and faulty beliefs such as circumstances." I am a warrior and the universe is my creator, "I am the universe, the power is with in me, the power is me...." Everything in life that you seek, is already within you, within me, in all of us. One just has to seek it out and listen, listening is key when finding spirituality, what ever that may mean to you. One can not be taught a lesson with out having understood how to listen. Without questioning, but simple trust and acceptance that the universe is guiding us to spiritual growth.

I used to think that maybe the universe just forgot about me, ( maybe get back to me, when it got done with all the important people, lol) But then I realized one day while reading about buddhist philosophy, that I just wasn't listening. I was asking the questions, but didn't even begin to listen for the answer, and wait for the universe to guide me. Once I realized that, oh....I was on my way and didn't look back. Right then I decided to make a conscious decision to be present. To be in the moment every minute that i could, and when I wasn't I was guiding my self back to that awareness, and being present. The more and more I did this I found that life became much easier to deal with, not so stressful and over whelming, (which is a blessing.)

Isn't that what we all want? To be happy, and be free to do what we want, have no worries or care in the world? I believe we all have the power within us to achieve that very goal. We just have to ask and listen for the answer, we don't realize how powerful we are and how we as spiritual beings we have the ability to connect to each other through our energy. So not only can you help your self but others around you, through a spiritual connection. So amazing we have this gift and majority of us never even tap into the power that is within. So often with day to day distractions, we are busy wondering what we can gain and get from others but never stop and say "What can I do for someone else?" So busy to acquire more objects of our desire,that we don't stop and reciprocate simple feelings of kindness and gratitude.

So to sum it all up, I think spirituality is love, awareness, and connections with each other. Not just human being but all life on this planet, in the universe. Its an understanding that if you hurt someone else, you hurting yourself too. When you don't smile back at some, avoiding people you know when you know all they want is to talk, passing the homeless person on the corner. Are all missed opportunities to become more aware and connected to the universe and its power.The ability to heal others through spirituality is in us all, a simple smile can change someones day, a hug can make the negative energy of the day thats consumes us all, just melt away. Its my belief that spirituality has become such a hot topic, because its the universes way of trying to help with all the devastation going on in the world. People are just now waking up to the destruction going on all around the world. But we need to keep searching and asking more so that we can go through the lessons we need to become a better, more conscious version of our selves. Spirituality is the never ending journey of spreading love and awareness so we may all be connected to one another like the universe intended.

By Crystal

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