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Clean, Free Energy Now!!!

By Kimberly Ward

How to make it happen.

Have you ever wondered how this world, the nations in it and the people in the nations would interact if these big oil wigs were no longer in power? Or how free energy could benefit people in poverty ridden countries and help feed the hungry? Or simply how if we were more reliant on clean energy and less reliant on fossil fuels how much better off our planet would be for it? This might be hard to see but this very thing can and is occurring all over the world. We as people belonging not to a nation, not to a country but to earth need to band together and demand cleaner healthier ways of living. We can start with energy. Energy can provide green houses for gardens all over the world so that the hungry and the starving will no longer know this pain. This is a wonderful, beautiful thing, we need to petition the governments to make a change, to switch from fossil to clean energy so that we the people of the earth united can reap the benefits of a clean healthy earth from the decisions that we now at this time chose to make. How would you like to leave this earth? Better or worse for the next generation? If you were to again after passing somehow reincarnate would you want to live in this planet as we have left it? It's time to be the change we wish to be here now, lets make it happen.

By, Kimberly Ward

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