Linda Montana

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Out of Body Experience, by Linda Montana........

I was too young to realize what was happening to me, when during my sleep I suddenly awoke feeling numbness, a paralysis all over my body. No matter how hard I tried to move or open my eyes not even a finger would obey me. I thought for second that ants were crawling all over me. I had a sensation of having two extra arms which were doing whatever they wanted, like they were holding onto a swing leaving me floating above my bed.

I remember moving through the air excited because I could fly, everything looked so bright, like a bulb was shining from behind all things. Then I saw a little body that looked just like me and I thought 'cool!'. I wanted to see my aunt who was in the same bedroom as me, so I floated towards her and I saw something moving around her neck, something that was shiny. I got closer only to realize that the golden things around her neck were snakes!

Her face was torn between a tear and a smile, breathing and moving in her chaotic world. At that time I didn't understand anything, but even so I felt the need to stare at her. I got closer and closer only to realize that I was in my bed once more. The fear that had manifested in me moments earlier had not yet disappeared, my heart was racing and my bladder couldn't take the tension. I wanted to move but my body wouldn't respond - the end result being a wet bed.

The next day I faced my hysterical mother shouting and yelling at me asking why I did it. I told her that my aunt had snakes around her neck and I was scared they'd bite me. She wasn't too impressed by my story, calling me a lying, dirty little pig, that not only did I wet the bed but also made up a big lie to excuse my laziness. In which case my punishment was doubled....

From that moment on I learned that I had to swallow all of my unavoidable paranormal experiences, and even more difficult was trying to define a path for myself when I didn't know what was happening to me, so I had to rely only on what my heart taught me.

After that my experiences stopped for a while, as I ignored them, coming back sporadically. Until two years ago, when they returned stronger than ever, leading me to explore that unfinished business from my childhood.

Now I have learned a few techniques to pass the physical. Now I know for sure that life is eternal and doesn't end when the body passes away. I continue walking, seeking to understand this process we call life. I shared my journey with those who want to listen and will keep seeking my light, the one that makes me one with the One that is all....

To be continued....

Linda Montana.

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