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What is your story?

By Lygya Maya........

Some people are told it is the end and despite the circumstances, they move things around and turn them into "the start" of something extraordinary - creating stories of not only survival but also of courage and contribution.

And you, what would you do if someone told you that was the end for you?

The competitive edge. The desire to win. The determination to overcome any challenge, whatever it takes, winners will always find a way to overcome obstacles.

What is your story?

Do you think it's a story that will inspire your children and grandchildren to be fighters just like you or is it a story that will bore them to death? And if a boring story, what are you waiting to take action with passion towards the magic of manifesting your desires at once?

Do you think it's impossible to achieve what you want? Think differently to see what happens. When I say think differently I mean to "believe" that it is possible to manifest it and that you have the power to accomplish what you want with your intent just as an Olympic athlete trains to break a record.

The athlete trains the mind as much as the body to manifest the desired dream. The winner must believe the title is his or hers "before" in order to accomplish the goal. There is never any space for doubt.

The certainty (self-confidence) added to the discipline of daily practice is the most efficient combination on the planet for both personal and professional fulfillment.

I have the impression that some of you will think, - "I know that," and I hit you back with; "I know you already know that but what is your story? A story of accomplishments or the opposite?

I wish you an extraordinary story. One that you will feel loved by SELF and others.

The pencil that draws your life is at your hand, not anyone else's...

Yours in colorful and unlimited life prizes.

Lygya Maya.


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