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Chapter 1 summary of the book "Love the Emotions you Hate"

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What is Emotion?

By Lygya Maya........

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the word "emotion" as "agitation or disturbance of mind." Some intellectuals say that the emotions mean different thoughts, psychological and biological states and they leave the body predisposed to action.

The root of the word "emotion" comes from the Latin verb "move", which, added to the prefix "e" means "moving out". This means that the inner feeling can be expressed as action by the tone of voice, facial expression or by gestures.

Our emotions are produced by ourselves through the interpretation of thoughts. They are, essentially, what drive us to act.

Emotion is the energy that guides us toward what we choose to do. It is our most powerful energetic device . Think about it: they can start a war or love. It can make us sick or healthy. The history of mankind and of our own lives is the story of our emotions.

And for you, what are emotions? Normally, we talk about how we feel, but never in depth. Nothing is so important in life than the way we feel.

Why sometimes we leave significant questions about our lives unanswered? We must realize that emotions have been given to us by nature, and it is 'she' who can help us. Our inner energy is vital. Like all energy must flow (like the flow of light and electricity). We must allow our energy process happen, when necessary, without resistance. So we can feel it deeply and truly. By avoiding or resisting to our feelings, we end up blowing up and destroying everything that is positive inside and outside of us. Many try to control this divine tool, blocking this most powerful electric charge until they get sick. The important thing now is to save the following message in mind: the emotional balance is vital to our health and harmony.

We must learn about all emotions, if we want a happy life.

Emotion produces movement and movement produces emotion. This is one of the reasons why we always feel better emotionally after a good workout or a dance.

This is the excerpt from the book entitled "Love the Emotions You Hate!" by Lygya Maya. To purchase this book, please click here.

Lygya Maya.


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