Astral Projection, and Out of Body Travel

By Sue

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I have been having OBE's all of my life. As a child it fascinated me to be able to fly around the neighborhood and see just how high I could go up. I had them frequently, and vividly remember telling my mom about my flying dreams, which she understood because she had them too. Even as a child though I was afraid of going too far from home, because I had no recollection of re-entry to my body, I wasn't sure what it really was called, but I used to instead of going around everywhere for fear of getting lost, I used to see how high I could go, until my house was merely a speck on the ground. The atmosphere got thicker the higher I went.

I was always aware of a string that attached at or near my belly, which I now know to be the solar plexus. At fourteen I found a book called ASTRAL PROJECTION that finally enlightened me as to what my body was doing. Around that time I was out of body one night and witnessed an accident with a gold volkswagon bug. There were no injuries, but I watched the accident. The next day I told my friend about it and she reported to me that a mutual friend with a car just like that did get into an accident the night I saw it. There were times that the OBE's became so prevalent I used to use my husband as an anchor, locking my leg with his so I would stay in my body. I believe a good natural diet supports these activities.

It may be hard to believe but I think anyone can do this and probably does and just does not remember. Any flying dreams or dreams of suddenly falling are often OBE's and we just don't know it. It is said that there are many ways to leave your body and be in a parallel dimension. I myself exit through my feet, but never really have knowledge of returning. I am however aware of the cord that keeps me tied to my body-the astral cord. It comes from your solar plexus and stays attached to you. I can vividly remember being out of body and my children's cries brought me back instantly- so those years I never went very far away from home, not liking the feeling of being suddenly pulled out of my experience.

One experience in particular resonates with me. I had an old friend who was dying and I really wanted to talk to him but didn't know how. So one night I found myself at his hospital room in the company of a guide with me. I felt like a blue light is all I can describe. I entered the room and I think my friend saw me. He hid his head under the blankets, and suddenly I realized where I was and wanted to take something back as evidence. So i opened a drawer and grabbed out a notebook with all sorts of writing on it. I grasped it and tried to leave with it, but no luck, it fell out of my hands while I exited. But I am happy that I got to visit with him one last time and I knew in time he would understand. I believe we are never alone, that there is always someone there to guide us. So if you're trying to have an experience, call on your guides and angels for help. I truly believe it was an angel with me when I visited the hospital. It was a glowing white presence that didn't speak but was definitely with me for the journey!

By Sue

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