Gabriela Blum 9/1/12

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My Near Death Experience

Gabby Blum-Sealander

I grew up as a competitive cheerleader. I was either traveling for competitions or I was preparing for competitions at a gym. I started cheerleading when I was 5 years old. It was my heart and soul. And I enjoyed every moment of it.

I was quite good at it. The talk of cheerleading scholarships was a topic of importance for me when I was just 10 years old. I ended up quitting when I was 13. At this time, I was on a senior all girl squad. I had to discontinue because of injuries that would not allow me to continue. Buckle fractures in my wrist and knee problems which plague me to this day.

In my early cheerleading years, I had a mind-blowing incident that occurred. I was 7 years old. I weighed about 55 lbs. I was the main fly. A fly is the cheerleader that is on top of the pyramids and thrown up in the air. I was always in the center, I felt very loved and appreciated when I was a cheerleader. It was the most uplifting and invigorating experience I have ever truly had as a human being. I loved to be the fly. I felt such a rush whenever I was thrown up in the air. It was pure bliss for me. I always felt if I were going to die, I would never mind dying flying in the air. It was what I loved to do.

We did a lot of local competitions to prepare for the more intense competitions out of state. I enjoyed doing the local competitions because I could invite my friends to see what I did. They could see how much I enjoyed doing what I did best. There was also a sense of security being on a team. There was never an I. There was a WE. It was not an ego driven environment. We all worked together to accomplish the same goal. People were proud when others accomplished tumbling skills. It taught me a lot about team work and I excel at working with groups because of this experience.

At one of the local competitions we were running late. We were rushing around to prepare, to warm up, take curlers out of our hair, put make up on, and to practice our routine before we went on. I remember walking into the gym, my adrenaline was pumping with the anticipation of performing and hopefully winning. Usually when we would warm up for competitions, there was a huge carpeted area with tape marked in giant squares for the competitors to practice on. This one, however, was not like that. It was a basket ball court. There was just wrestling pads lodged together with maybe 3-5 foot openings to separate the different cheer groups. I immediately mentioned something about it, I felt it was unsafe but no one seemed to worry about it, so I just followed suit of everyone and began to practice.

The music came on and we were on the go. We were hitting everything perfectly. I got ready to do my favorite part of the routine. The basket toss. A basket toss is a five person stunt. There are 4 bases and one fly. The two bases on the right and left lock arms to make a square while the fly steps one foot at a time onto their wrists. The back person (back-spot) then puts her hands on the rear end of the fly and the person in the front (front-spot) puts her hands under the two cheerleaders hands locking arms. The fly jumps in and she is thrown up in the air. I was thrown up into the air about 10 feet and my adrenaline was pumping. Right as I felt myself falling down, I did a beautiful toe touch and felt amazing. I was smiling really big as I was coming down. The problem was the girls threw me backwards and not straight up in the air.

As I was in my blissful state, I came down onto the basketball floor head first. I was not entirely sure what had just happened. My eyes were shut for a long time and I remember feeling calm and peaceful. I remember seeing clapping and waving and people saying "you are here" I was walking towards them and I was really excited. I remember meeting myself there. Someone said they had work to do. At that time, my eyes opened, and there were people all around me putting ice on me, screaming call an ambulance. I was pretty confused to what had just happened. I remember feeling sick, that was my only discomfort. I did not hurt anywhere and everyone kept asking me where I was. And I kept saying "I am in this body. I am right here. Are you okay?" I remember this man carrying me to a car. Rushing me like I was some kind of sacred jewel. I still to this day do not remember his name. I got into this big car, and it was confusing. There was a man and woman in there- which I later found out was my father and mother driving really fast. I kept looking outside of the windows to see the green trees everywhere and the trees were giving me a headache because of how fast we were driving. I once said I feel sick slow down. And he sped up. I remember these lights that were red, green and yellow and it didn't matter what color they were, we kept going.

The car finally stopped and I said "Thank God. Where are we now?" The lady in the car asked me if I was feeling sick? I said "yeah, of course I am sick. The meshunger was driving so fast it made me sick"

After that I was informed I was at a hospital. I got out of the car and could not balance very well. I was really confused to why I could not walk well and why I was walking so slow. It seemed like everyone's words, movements and actions were dramatically slowed down from what I was used to.

They put me under this machine that instantly gave me a headache. Which years later I found out was a cat scan machine. They did this several times because they were convinced I had some sort of brain damage. I did not have any brain damage. I did not have one single broken bone. No neck injury. Not a mark on me. The only dent on me was a goose egg on my head (at least that is what mother called it) The goose bump went away in 2 days. Three days later, I was driven to cheer practice. I was not sure who everyone was but they all seemed very concerned about me. My coordination was slightly off until I saw an energy doctor who balanced my energy field.

Recently in my search for spirituality, I was in lucid dream state and I was talking to a friend of mine in a gymnasium. I looked over to my left, and I saw myself thrown up into the air preparing for the competition. I saw myself land on my head and no one rushed over to me. People were in shock. In my lucid dream, I saw a winged being run over to me yelling "help help!" I saw a white orb shaped thing, (which to me was a soul) float up into the sky. When I could no longer see that soul, I saw a purple soul come down into me. When that soul landed on my chest, I awoke.

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