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Akashic Records

Gabby Blum-Sealander

As an Akashic Records reader, I get asked a lot what exactly are the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is a huge energetic library that has every soul's thoughts and actions recorded in it. This includes past lives and present life. A lot of people really want to know about their past lives. They feel if they know, they can better understand why they are here in this "now" moment. The Akashic records is a wonderful tool for finding out your soul type, your career paths from the past, family matters, spouses, repeated lessons and karmic debts..anything of importance that you wonder about in the past. Future readings are decent with Akashic Records, but I personally prefer to do intuitive readings for future questions.

The Akashic records can only be used for benevolent purpose. These records are very sacred and you must ask permission to enter and obtain record information. A lot of people that read records say you need Time of birth, Date of birth and their full birth name. I am highly sensitive to energy and I have done records without time of birth- If I know the person who I am receiving records for, All I need is their name and birth date.

When I obtain information from the Akashic Records, I lay down with a pen and a piece of paper, I close my eyes and say a prayer. I ground, meaning I visualize myself as a tree and my roots going deep into the dirt. I connect to source afterwards, I imagine a white long string connecting my heart chakra up into the sky. I then astral project myself town a tube of white light and enter the records. I ask the masters if I can obtain the records for the specific person whom is requesting. I will either get a yes or a no. I am not always granted access- Most of the time, I do. However, there have been certain instances where I have been told it is not time yet to open their records.

Akashic record reading has a lot to do with character, if you and the client are finding out things for benevolent purposes things usually go smoothly in the library of records. However, if it is not something of importance the masters will deny you of entrance.

I personally always ask my angels and guides to come with me anytime I am doing a reading. It can be very overwhelming in the library, especially if I am finding out things that are sad If I have not astral projected in a while, then I make certain to have my guides with me.

When I have done record readings in the past, I ask my client to ground and I make sure I ground as well. I know they aren't exactly coming with me, but it could cause some ruckus in their energy field if they are not properly grounded. I like to make sure everyone is peaceful when record reading is happening.

Being "spiritually fit" as I call it is of utmost importance if you are an Akashic Record reader. You need to be very aware of your surroundings, and understand universal laws and live by them. If you are not spiritually fit, take some time to clear your own energy and work towards becoming spiritually fit again. This can include meditation every night, drawing earth energy to you, grounding a few times a day. There are things readers must do to obtain clarity and good insight that will serve the highest good of the client as well as themselves, and this should be first priority as a reader, especially an Akashic Records reader. If you are fatigued, honor yourself and sleep. If you have too much ego surrounding you, honor yourself and clear. Honor yourself as much as you can as a reader.

As a client, find a reader whom you admire. A reader that you can connect with and a reader that is honoring themselves. Speak with the reader before you hand them any money. Before you allow them entry into your energy field develop a connection with them to see if they are for you. For example, even though I am a reader, I have two people I go to regularly for readings. I would probably never go to anyone else, unless my heart really drew me to this person. There are too many readers out there who are not being true to themselves and not honoring themselves the way they should which is leaving their clients dissatisfied and the readers not understanding why they are not holding onto their clients.

Are you doing readings currently? Have you entered this library and not known where you were? Don't worry, that is exactly how I started. It was not until I told someone about my experience that I knew I was tapping into the Akashic Records. The first Akashic record reading I did went as follows:

I was on a road trip, and a friend of mine asked me to do a reading for her. I was in lucid dream state and I asked to tap into her with her name and birth date. I felt myself sliding down a tube of white light and ended up looking at a book, flipping through pages. I was getting information by the galore. I was confused, but excited. I didn't know what to do. I had to ask if we could pull over at 3am and go into a gas station to get a piece of paper and pen to write everything down I was finding for her. Four pages later, I handed her a soul type, past lives, words that were important in the records, past and present life trauma. I kept referring to where I was as records, and I still didn't get where I was. It was not until recently I started to understand what I was tapping into.

Before Akashic record readings, I started to intuitively heal friends, family and myself. I simply just ask source to work through me to heal _____. Since I am energy sensitive, I place my hands where the pain is and I draw the pain out and infuse with golden healing energy. I only see energy fields when I am doing energy work. My family members and friends have told me they can feel the energy being drawn out of them and the pain stops. Energy healing is something I have really taken an interest in. I have really attuned myself to healing. We are all healers and we can attune ourselves to whatever we like.

Before intuitive energy healing, I did plain intuitive readings without oracle cards. I still do intuitive readings on a daily basis for friends, myself, and family. It is just simplicity for me to get the information for others now. It was a process. It didn't take a lot of worldly time, but it did take a lot of energy to get to this point. Intuitive readings are among my favorite to do, as I do not have to astral project, I can just close my eyes and get the information needed by the client. ground, connect to higher realms, and I am done.

Before I did intuitive readings, I was doing simple tarot readings. The angles and goddesses would just speak through me, it was simply perfect and easy for me to obtain clarity and insight for others as well as myself. As I started to step into my gift as an Akashic Records reader, tarot started to drain me, I feel tarot was a stepping stone to learn how to connect to obtain information. I do not do tarot readings much anymore, unless I feel very drawn to do it for the collective consciousness.

Before I started doing tarot readings, I started automatic writing. I have been automatic writing, again not knowing what I was doing, since I was 10 years old. Automatic writing is something I do at least three times a week. It is fun, easy and beneficial for myself as well as everyone else who reads it.

Akashic record reading is something very sacred and you really only need one to understand yourself better. I have never had a client come back for another Akashic Record reading and I would imagine it is because they have the information they need. I do however get the same people come back for intuitive readings. If you want to understand your soul, understand your Akashic record.

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